April 4 2013 – Link4Growth

This morning I spent a pleasant 1.5 hours at E-Space North at the Link4Growth coffee morning.  I would recommend this networking group for anyone who dislikes the formal structure that some networking groups take.  This is a new group near Ely that is growing slowly, giving any attendees the opportunity to be at the centre of the action from the beginning.

Coffee and pastries (today also rocky road brownies) made the meeting a delight for only £3.  No membership fees or referral demands.  No 60 second pitch.  An attendee list helps you identify who you may want to speak to particularly if you cannot attend for the full 90 minutes.

Link4Growth also provide social media training – we have asked for a Google+ workshop in the Ely area.

So if you are interested link up with Link4Growth on twitter, facebook or Google+ especially if like us you want to learn more about Google+ – the more people that show an interest the sooner the workshop is likely to be scheduled.

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