April 5 2013 – RTI, exhibitions & admin!

Spent some time this morning setting up our stand in Ely Cathedral – looks amazing inside the Cathedral and definitely worth a wander around to see exactly how many different types of businesses there are in and around Ely – will definitely spend some time there myself at the weekend. ┬áBusinesses exhibiting there cover leisure, home, business and charity and the exhibition continues up to and including Thursday 11 April 2013.

Spent the rest of the day updating payroll for a number of our clients in anticipation of Real-Time Information which goes live tomorrow (6 April) and updating our letters of engagement for existing clients – you should never underestimate the time spent on administration for a business of any size, type or industry!!!!

Would say I am looking forward to the weekend but unfortunately the admin is still calling for at least part of the weekend. ┬áLet’s hope the sun shines at least!


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