Create a Marketing Campaign in Five Easy Steps – Guest Blog by Emerald Frog

This week it’s my pleasure to welcome our first guest blogger.  Jo Evans is from Emerald Frog marketing in Ely.

Create a Marketing Campaign in Five Easy Steps

The recession has left many businesses languishing in the doldrums for the past year or so. Now the economy is picking up what are you doing to boost your sales? Are you planning an integrated marketing strategy, or simply trying a few different methods to promote your company and hoping for the best?

A planned marketing campaign need not be expensive. An accurately targeted and well thought out campaign will promote your product, raise awareness of your brand and ultimately boost your sales in a cost effective way.

There are five main points you need to consider when planning a marketing campaign and a whole flurry of questions:

1. Product – What is your product, do you have an offer, what is the price, what are the features and benefits of your product for the customer? Have you considered the supply, delivery and installation logistics of an influx of orders?  What is your warranty and do you provide an after sales service? How does your product compare with that of your competitors and how do your prices also compare? What are your unique selling points over your competitors?

2. Customers – Who are your potential customers? Where are they? What is the condition of your database? Has it been cleaned recently? Databases go out of date VERY quickly and it is estimated that your database will be 25% out of date within 12 months. There is no point spending money on a fantastic campaign if it ultimately doesn’t get through to the right people. Can you divide people on your database into “groups” such as by geographic location/age/ buying behaviour so they can receive messages specific to them? How will you reach them? By email/post/PR/advertising etc? Research your customers and understand what makes them “tick”.  What do they like to read? Where do they go?

3. Budget – How much do you want to spend, what is your sales forecast for the campaign? Always make sure that you keep a 10% “contingency” budget to cover any unforeseen circumstances – such as market changes  which may mean you have to change tack.

4. Tactics – What media do you want to use? Which has the best response rates for your industry and what will give you the best return on your investment? Which suppliers will you use? Who will coordinate the campaign? How will you handle responses?

5. Analysis – What measures are in place  to measure the success, how will you know which messages worked and which didn’t, how can you improve the campaign further next time?

Need to know more? Well we can help.

Emerald Frog Marketing plan, implement and manage  marketing campaigns. Sometimes a fresh pair of eyes from outside your business can help identify opportunities to boost your sales. From large integrated multi media campaigns to smaller, local promotions – we’ll soon get you and your customers talking.

Visit or call 0845 5195565


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