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If you are too busy to read this then please scroll to the last paragraph of this blog:

Have you ever been on the end of a conversation where the other person is just constantly “too busy”? Are you chasing a client who is too busy to email, speak or contact you?

In business we are taught specifically not to say “business is quiet” – it is perceived we are not successful as a business and have too much time on our hands. So surely then we have to be perceived as being “busy” all of the time? A busy company is a successful company isn’t it?

Being busy to the extent that your company looks effective and maybe has to call a client back or book a few days in advance is great, however here are three warning signs that your company MAY be portraying a “too busy” image that could be doing more harm than good.

1. Refusing meetings with a client because they are not worth the time: On the face of it you may be shocked that a company would do this?

How does the client see it? Many clients will feel that they are not valuable and that if you are too busy for their business then maybe you don’t need it. There’s a difference between a small client who genuinely needs help and “energy vampires” who would have you in their office on tap if they could.

What to do? Can someone from your office meet the client on your behalf – especially if it’s a smaller client who needs reassurance? It doesn’t always have to be YOU. Can they come to your office? Can you Skype? You just never know when that small client will suddenly hit the big time!

2. I’m too busy to go networking: Many businesses say this all of the time. “I have enough business” is another line which I hear often. The thing is that we all use word of mouth as a way to gain new business. Not being part of your community will isolate you in the long term. There are groups for every budget but you must be involved with something.

What to do? Can you send someone from your business? Can you go to one close to your business which isn’t commitment based. Look at your calendar and MAKE an hour a month at least to meet others local to you. Don’t judge a group by what others say, go and make your own decisions.

3. I’m JUST TOO Busy! FULL STOP: Are you really too busy? Where are you spending most of your time? Is it with the people who pay you the most? Or is it on the small day to day stuff.

How does the client see it? That you are too busy for them, that you are ineffective and have poor time management skills. They may also see that you will place quantity over quality. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but DO be sure that this is your business goal and that you have a very clear strategy.

What to do? STOP…… NOW….. Look around at where you should be growing your business. Hint: It’s not from doing everything yourself. You don’t need a big budget to outsource calls to a virtual answer service or to hire someone part time / commission based or even an apprentice. If you are too busy full stop then you must take action. Source someone to take the pressure off or seek a life coach.

Think about it. If you have taken the time to read this blog, you have already committed to changing your business. Even if you have scrolled down from the top, it has been enough to interest you. SO what action can you take NOW…..

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