Important deadlines and dates for January 2015

31 January 2015 Income Tax Self Assessment Deadline for filing an income tax self assessment tax return 2013-2014 online
Deadline for those who did not file their paper tax returns by 31 October 2014 to file online to avoid a penalty
Deadline for paying the balancing payment for 2013-2014 and the first payment on account 2014-2015
Deadline to amend a tax return 2012-2013
   National Insurance Contributions Deadline to notify HMRC of liability for Class 2 NIC where self employment began in 2013-2014
Last day for claiming a repayment of Class 2 NICs for 2013-2014 due to earnings being below the exception limit
  Tax Credits Deadline to provide actual income figures for 2013-2014 if the renewal was done by 31 July 2014 using an estimate
Corporation Tax Self Assessment Deadline for companies with an accounting period ended 31 January 2014 to file their corporation tax return with HMRC
Corporation Tax Deadline for companies with an accounting period ended 30 April 2014 to pay their corporation tax liability
Accounts Deadline for companies with an accounting period ended 30 April 2014 to file their accounts with Companies House

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