Important deadlines and dates in April 2014

5 April 2014  Income tax self assessment Last day of the 2013/2014 tax year
  Pensions Deadline to make a contribution to qualify for tax relief in 2013/14
6 April 2014  PAYE RTI late filing penalties due to start in April are postponed to October 2014
  PAYE RTI late payment penalties due to start in April are postponed to April 2015
19 April 2014 PAYE Last day for filing a final submission under RTI for2013/14
22 April 2014 PAYE Electronic payments of tax and Class 1 NICs for 2013/14 should reach HMRC to avoid an automatic interest charge
30 April 2014 Income tax self assessment Additional late filing penalties apply to outstanding 2012/13 income tax self assessment tax returns – automatic £10 daily penalties apply
  Corporation tax self assessment Deadline for filing the corporation tax return with HMRC for accounting periods ended 30 April 2013 
  Accounts Deadline for filing accounts with a financial year end of 31 July 2013 with Companies House. 


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