Real-Time Information (RTI) – Part 1 – Introduction

Real-time information (RTI) is a new system of PAYE reporting which starts for most employers in April 2013. This represents a major change in PAYE processes and a considerable challenge to employers.

Under RTI, employers with PAYE schemes will need to send details online to HMRC every time they pay an employee at the time they pay them or notify HMRC when no payment is made in a tax month.

If you already use payroll software or a service provider, you should have checked with them by now that the product or service you use has been updated so you can send your PAYE in real time.

If you run your own payroll but don’t currently use payroll software, you will need to get software or use a payroll service provider.

Reporting PAYE in real time is mandatory, so you must start reporting PAYE in real time from your first payday on or after 6 April 2013.

Failure to comply with your obligations could lead to penalties.

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