Where Do You Waste Time?

As businesses, we all need communication to survive. However, are we wasting time with the very communication supposedly designed to make our lives easier? How can we save time without ruining our standards of service to our clients or suppliers?

I have noticed when I call agencies on behalf of my clients, even as their accountant, there is often no fast track to the front of any queue; the call queue times are often long and extremely tedious. Often, I will consider what else I could be doing that is more time effective. So how many small business owners feel the same?

How many of us needlessly wait in phone queues or on email for a response? How much time do you spend doing the small tedious tasks that take you away from the real purpose of your business and most importantly profit?

Here are my top three tips to save time in your business:

1: Outsource unnecessary tasks. Is it more profitable for you to be working on your business or working on accounts, administration, marketing, IT or other tasks? It’s a fine line between costs and benefits, and there is a lot of support available for businesses to guide you through what options are available.

2: Take action: Having a plan in business is great. However do you spend all your time planning and re-planning? Sometimes the best way to learn and develop your business is to test and measure.

3: Work on your work/life balance. Many business owners believe that the best way to build a business is to spend time in it 24/7 and be on call all of the time. Regular breaks, even just a half day or day off can really help you to recharge your batteries. Always remember to take time from your business. There are many business consultants and advisors who can support you with strategy to do this.

Remember – at the start of a business especially it can be challenging and there will be times when you work flat out. Remember to stay focused but to take professional advice and look for support when you need to.

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