Where does client confidentiality stop?

You need to remember that your client’s right to confidentiality doesn’t end just because you are using social media sites.

The nature of networking using social media means that a business can mention anyone, and the world can see that connection. How often have you seen businesses endorse each other and talk about the new client they have just signed up?  Has that client given their permission to be mentioned and do you have evidence of that permission?

Mentioning a client on, say Twitter or Facebook, not only becomes public, but if you link to that person via #hashtag or the @ button they then become linked to your profile.   Have they given their permission for this?

Many businesses are overlooking their duty of confidentiality to clients when mentioning them on social media.   It is great to be associated with your clients; however it’s also important to remember that they may be using your services to gain the upper hand on their competition.  Telling everyone they are your client does just that – it tells everyone.

Client confidentiality should be the first consideration when mentioning people you’re working with. The decision should be with your clients as to whether they want to broadcast your business relationship.   Just as you can endorse the amazing work done by your own suppliers your clients have the same prerogative.

It’s great to connect with, and support your clients but be careful what you say – confidentiality doesn’t end where social media starts. 

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